“Road of the slaves. Historical and memorial sites” is the topic of the ICMAH Committee’s annual Conference. This year’s conference will be held from 24th to 27th November 2014 in Senegal (Dakar and Gorée).

This meeting will assess the work of the working group established by ICMAH in 1997 whose aim was the development of the study of the slave trade and the development of research among the countries concerned by the topic: from Europe to Africa and the Americas, through the Caribbean. International cooperation is essential to carry out this work.

The research developed on both sides of the Atlantic in both the historical and archaeological area, leading to proceedings about History and Memory.

Participants from different countries involved in historical knowledge and reconstruction of this memory will present their work in an emblematic place of the slave trade: Gorée, Senegal.

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For further information visit the site http://icmah.icom.museum