The Department of Classics at the University of Leeds is pleased to announce the 6th Annual Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Conference on “Symbols and Metaphors” to be held on the 3rd June 2015 at Devonshire Hall, Leeds.

Both Symbols and Metaphors are pervasive throughout every aspect of society. They are key components in the human tool-kit for not only making sense of the world but communicating ideas and concepts. As such, they are in turn essential subjects of academic research, from the study of emblems to literary metaphor, as well as being invaluable to academics as a means by which they can express their own ideas. This conference proposes to explore all aspects of this topic throughout the disciplines and to examine the use and discussion of symbols in art, literature, and the sciences. These aspects include, but are not limited to:-

-Transforming Symbolism
-Perceptions of Emblems
-Logos and Branding
-Receptions of Similes and Metaphors
-Philosophical Metaphors
-Religious Symbolism
-Scientific Metaphor
-Symbols throughout History
-The Representations of Symbols
-Literary Metaphors
-Receptions of Images
-Translating Metaphors
-Semiotic Methodologies

Papers can address, but are certainly not limited to, the above suggestions. Postgraduate scholars from Classics and all disciplines are invited to send an abstract of 250-300 words to [email protected] by the 1st of May 2015. Presentation will be 20 minutes long and followed by 10 minutes of discussion.

The conference aims at an Interdisciplinary approach, allowing for conversation across departmental and institutional lines.

Travel bursaries will be provided to any prospective speaker. These bursaries will be allocated based on an application to the conference committee, the deadline date of which will be announced soon.

Keynote speakers are Dr Elizabeth Pender, author of Images of Persons Unseen: Plato’s Metaphors for the Gods and the Soul, who will be talking about the study of symbols and metaphors and Dr Emma Stafford, Honorary Secretary of the Council and Chair of the Grants committee for the Classical Association, who will be talking about organising large-scale conferences.

For any further information please email [email protected].