An exhibition of the work of the Italian photographer Sergio Garbari called “Three little tales from Florence / Tre piccolo storie fiorentine” is being presented by the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens. The exhibition will run through September 24, 2017.

Sergio Garbari was born in Bagni di Lucca in 1955. When he was seven, his father who was a projectionist at the Ariston cinema in Florence, gave him a manually operated 35mm film projector on which he could run the first pieces of perforated film left over from the movie.

His passion for photography was born during his high school years in Lucca. In 1976 he settled in Florence to study architecture. In parallel with his studies, coached by Luciano Ceccotti of “Foto Cortopassi”, Garbari gained insight into the practice of photography learning techniques for exposing and printing in black and white.

Since 1981 he has worked in Florence in the Photography Workshop of the Uffizi Gallery. Along with his professional activities, he records the world around him with his camera, exhibiting his work in different cities. In 1988, following an invitation, he took part in the Photo Biennale of Thessaloniki, having the city’s former monumental prisons as his topic.

The current exhibition includes 43 black and white photographs presented in three thematic parts: the first contains photographs of selected sculptures by Michelangelo Buonarroti, the second shows photographs of the Boboli gardens and the third photographs of the faces of 19th century statues depicting prominent personalities of Florence over the centuries.