The Doctoral School in Philosophy and Human Sciences of L’Università degli Studi di Milano announces 8 fully funded PhD positions.

Learning Objectives of the School

The doctoral programme in Philosophy and Human Sciences is a new higher education programme which integrates the skills required for theoretical and experimental research in disciplines such as anthropology, geography, linguistics, psychology and cognitive science, social science, art theory and criticism, with the findings of philosophical research, both theoretical and historical. The programme makes use of the multidisciplinary skills of the Board of Lecturers and aims to provide extensive knowledge in specific sectors of basic and applied research. It promotes innovative and cutting-edge research in areas requiring the ability to master theories, methods and techniques from various fields. In particular, the programme aims to provide students with a solid philosophical and scientific grounding in one of the following research areas:

-History of Philosophy



-Contemporary Philosopohy

-Theories  of Language

-Philosophy of Mind

-Ethics and Politics

-Aesthetics and History of Aesthetics

-Psychology and cognitive neurosciences

-Philosophy of Economics


-Sociology and Social Research Methods

Documentation required for application will include:

-Certification of English (level B2)

-Two reference letters

-A research project (between 2.000-4.000 words, bibliography not included)

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