The UCL Department of Greek and Latin is organising a five-day Summer School in Homer in the UK and in Cyprus.  The Summer School will take place on Monday 23 July – Friday 27 July 2018 in the UK and on Sunday 29 July – Thursday 2 August in Cyprus.

The Summer School is for anyone interested in studying the Homeric epics. The Summer School offers five days of intensive teaching of Homeric language and literature for students of different levels, a class on Homer from Translation and his Roman Legacy, Philosophy and Homer, Latin Palaeography and Homer, Papyrology and Homer and a class on Linear B. There will be lectures on a wide variety of Homeric topics, a Ceramics workshop and two screenings with readings of the Iliad in different languages and a film about Helen.

The Summer School in Homer will also travel to Cyprus where it will extend its activities with classes, talks and screenings for five days in collaboration with the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.

For more information please visit our webpage:

or email the Summer School: [email protected]