In an interview on SKAI radio station, Minister of Culture and Sports L. Mendoni referred to the progress of work underway in Tatoi. According to Ms Mendoni , the process of selecting a contractor for the palace building has been completed. “There is now a contractor who will proceed with a detailed study for the palace. Initial measures for salvaging the building will begin in early April. Preparation of the study, according to legislation, requires several months. By May 2021, the Ministry of Culture  will have a final study to begin the tender process for the construction contractor”, said Ms Mendoni, after an inspection of the estate last Friday. “The goal is that by 2023 the palace will have been completed (i.e. all the necessary construction for its restoration) so that furniture etc can immediately begin to be installed, according to the studies already underway”, the Minister of Culture added.

Regarding rescue work, Ms Mendoni noted that it would now begin, “obviously in a manner compatible with the studies, so that no money is spent without cause and the work is done properly. Let me point out that we already have the final studies and we are now preparing the implementation plans,” she added. As for donations currently available for Tatoi, Ms Mendoni said there are two “and we look forward to others. The first concerns the feasibility study funded by the Athanasios Laskaridis Foundation. It regards the overall utilization and enhancement of the 11.6 acres”.

The other sponsorship is from Athanasios Martinos, who “willingly donated the money to order two large tolls, which will also be installed there in early April, to start evacuating- beginning this week –  the kitchens followed by George’s stable, “the minister added, noting that” these are large buildings, full of crates that have never been opened. The services of the Ministry of Culture will record and conserve the movables inside them. At the same time, preparations will begin on the necessary architectural, structural and electromechanical studies for the buildings as they are being emptied. It is quite a complex undertaking, since as you can see, we are referring to the entire estate which is being coordinated by the Ministry of Culture and Sports”.