The PhD Colloquium on Late Antiquity will take place in the University of Reading
on May 4-5, 2018. The keynote speech entitled “Esotericism in Classical and Late Antiquity” will be given by Dr. Chiara O. Tommasi (University of Pisa).

Late Antiquity was once regarded as an age of decadence and barbarisation as well as a ‘marginal’ field of study. Those days are over. Late Antiquity has now its own place in academia and is considered a hot topic by both Classicists and historians of the Early Middle Ages, as well as scholars of religious studies, archaeology, art and philosophy in a fruitful exchange among disciplines.

The study of Late Antiquity involves a wide variety of disciplines. Our PhD Colloquium on Late Antiquity will take place at the University of Reading in May 4-5, 2018. The aim of our Colloquium is to make the most of such diversification by bringing together and achieving synergy among PhD Students from across the UK and abroad working on Late Antiquity.

Each paper (15 min) will be followed by a personalised response from a senior scholar (10 min) assigned by the organisers and a plenary discussion. Each delegate will circulate his or her paper a week in advance to his or her respondent.

Additionally, we will also host a poster session, with a £50 voucher prize for the best poster.

Lastly, the Colloquium will include a visit to the Ure Museum of Classical Archaeology of the University of Reading.

We welcome submissions of papers and/or posters from disciplines including (but not limited to) Greek and Latin Literature, History, Archaeology, Art, Philosophy and Theology:

Option A: papers (15 min)

Send an abstract of your paper (400 words) to [email protected] by 10 November 2017. Please also specify your affiliation.

Option B: posters

Send a brief abstract (200 words) or outline of your poster to [email protected] by 15 November 2017. Please also specify your affiliation.

Please note that, as the event is specifically aimed at PhD students, we can only accept submissions from PhD students. However, Masters students and early career researchers are warmly invited to attend and participate in the debates.

For further enquiries, please contact Lorenzo Livorsi ([email protected]), Ilaria Scarponi ([email protected]) or Fiona McMeekin ([email protected]).